Sigrid was born in Germay and studied Adult Education at Dortmund University. She has lived in Switzerland (fGeneva) and the South of France (Sanary sur Mer) and is now based on on the Ligurian Coast in Italy.
For more then 30 years she has been working as a free-lance trainer and consultant teaching cooperative games and other subjects related to peace including non.violent education and inter-cultural learning.
She has written various books in Italian published by EGA Editrice in Turin on the subject of games for the disabled, for preschoolers, and for groups of all ages and has a particular interest in environmental education through play. Further information about these publications is available from here
As a result of her volontary work in Malawi with the Montfort Misssionaries in Balaka Malawi, she has published the following books in English:
"Learn to move, move to learn, pre-school Games", Montfort Media, Balaka, Malawi 2015
"Come lets play together, a Guide Book for Educators and Youth Leaders" Montfort Media, Balaka, Malawi, 2016
"65 Games around the world, a guide Book for Educators and Youth Leaders!, Montfort Media Balaka, Malawi, 2018

Sigrid has specialized in Educaional Kinesiology and is a licensed teacher for Brain Gym®, Vision Gym®, Optimal Brain Organisation®, Movement Dynamics®, Double Doodle Play, a window to whole brain vision, Edu-K indepth the 7 dimensions of intelligence and the Brain Gym® Teachers Practicum from Breakthrough's International/Educational Kinesiology Foundation  in Santa Barbara, CA. USA. Since 2011 she is a Facultymember of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation representing her residential country Italy.
She is also a cetified instructor of Ceccilia Koester's Building Block Activities from Movement Based Learning Inc. USA.

In addition to German, she is fluent in Italian, French and English

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