Brain Gym - Individual Sessions


Brain Gym® is a program based on simple movements to facilitate learning in all ages. These movements revolve around the three axes of the body: the 3 dimensions of learning:

  • Laterality - content intelligence (thinking, processing, communicating: the ability to cross the body's midline, to distinguish between left and right, to work in the visual / audititory / tactile / kinesthetic midfield, elaborate thoughts, verbal and non-verbal expression; sensory inputs)
  • Centering - emotional intelligence (feeling, stabilizing, organizing: the ability to differentiate between the upper and lower parts of the body, the ability to relate with objects and people in the surrounding environment;
  • Focus - intelligence of attention (perceiving, participating, understanding, the ability to pay attention, satisfaction of needs, safety, distinction between the back and front of the body, the ability to contract or relax the muscles in an appropriate manner.)

In an educational Kinesiology session, we try to balance the mind/body energies in relation to the goals set by the user, for example:

  • all school-related skills: reading, writing, calculating, etc.
  • improvement of body coordination
  • improvement of communication
  • personal organization
  • and any other kind of skills that the person wants to improve

The process takes place in five steps:

  • verify that the body-mind system is ready for new learning
  • set the goal and verify that it is energetic, clear, active and positive
  • get in touch with the established goal through playful preativities that help to explore the aspects that need greater integration and focus
  • achieve your goal through a Brain Gym movement program, while concentrating on it
  • repeat the pre-activities to verify the assimilation of the new learning


  • to children with learning difficulties
  • to students who want to better deal with exams
  • to athletes who want to improve their performance
  • to the elderly who want to keep their psycho-physical abilities alive
  • to people who want to better organize their work activities
  • to all those who want to improve their skills in any area of life

An individual session of Educational Kinesiology takes about an hour.
When the harmony between mind and body is reached, we live in a state of completeness that allows a full expression of ourselves and to manifest our creative side.