This course allows us to highlight the way we use our brain.
The focus will be on the lead of the eyes, ears, hands, feet, and brain hemispheres to understand why inibitions can lead to learning chllenges.

We will learn how to use the Brain Gym ovements and their variations to balance our inhibited learning skills. 
Participants can identify their own resources, their strengths and change their compensation schemes in more functional ones.

Program :

  • Deepening of knowledge of the brain
  • Concept of brain lead
  • the dynamic brain in action
  • Sound and hemispheres
  • Vision and hemispheres
  • Hemispheric transposition
  • Right-handed and left-handed
  • Dominance tests through muscle observation and verification
  • uilibrioStudy of the various profiles
  • How to interpret and balance a profile on a set goal
  • 9 energy exercises
  • balancing to integrate your learning profile
  • balancing for effectiveness
  • balancing for the three dimensions of the brain gym
  • balancing to access all its potential

Next Dates:

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