Hours: 32 hours

The Foundation course to become a Brain Gym® Instructor

Brain Gym® is part of a personal development program called Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K). It consists of a series of fun and simple movements that finetune the mind and body to facilitate learning in all ages and all situations of everyday life. Through a procedure in 5 stages participants learn to identify their goals, to put them into action, to explore which are the least accessible areas to integrate with the movements of Brain Gym and verify the outcome.

The course program offers:

  • The experience of mind/body integration through simple movements
  • the learning of all 26 Brain Gym Activities
  • the Balance process in Educational Kinesiology
  • Dennison's Laterality Repatterning and the Three Dimanesional Repatterning 

The course is structured in such a way that the participants can personally take advantage of Integrations at the body/mind levels. When the brain is integrated the participants have valid tools in hand to achieve goals related to learning or personal development in any field that include:

  • The 4 steps of a Learining Readiness Ritual called PACE: this small "warm-up" program can be carried out in less than 5 minutes and prepares the participant to be immediately focused and connected to start any work or face any challenge
  • the 26 Brain Gym activities are easily applicable and help improve skills in school subjects as well as in sports, art, music and in any kind of task.
  • The Balance Processs: This powerful process links a specific purpose of one's choice with skills that one wants to improve. Through a simple procedure it is established which movements of Brain Gym best support the chosen objective and reinforces the body-mind system through "anchoring" techniques so that new learning can be quickly integrated.


The Dennison Laterality Repatterning ntegrates the left and right hemispheres so that the mind shifts its mode of functioning from a reactive model to a conscious model in thought and action.
The Three Dimensional Repatterning in addition to the two hemispheres, also integrates the deepest structures of the brain (the limbic system -collections of emotions - with the frontal lobes - seat of conscious-associative thought and new decisions and ideas as well as the back brain - seat of our memory and the front brain seat of the elaboration of new learning)

For rehabilitation therapists, teachers, educators, sports coach educators, parents and students who want to acquire more skills in managing learning challengess or who simply want to improve their potential

Prerequisites: none

Next Dates:

  • 15-18 agosto 2024 - Rapallo in presenza accr.