Hours: 32 hours

Vision Circles is the joyful exploration of the development of eight circles that characterizes ours
innate perceptual intelligence. These natural gifts are already present since birth, but they can
be suppressed or poorly developed in response to an overly competitive or overly oriented environment on the tasks at hand.
Perceptual intelligences, represented by the 8 circles of vision, are:
1. observation - concentration training
2. animation - experimentation of the movement
3. resonance - experimenting with sounds, noises and balance
4. nourishment - liven up the sight
5. construction - creating reality
6. internalization (inner space) - the first experiences with learning
7. communication - expressiveness
8. synergy - harmony with the surrounding environment

When these perceptual intelligences are developed and integrated, our innate and natural abilities
are more available and  concentration, listening, sense of space, organization, inner calm and  ease, artistic expression and creativity will be improved.

Participants will:

  • experience the elements of the development of each circle through movement, play and artistic expression
  • base their experience on in-depth information with respect to each circle
  • practice the rebalancing together with the colleagues of the course to fully develop each circle
  • learn the 34 movements of Visiongym® in addition to the already known 26 movements of the Brain Gym®
  • have a toolbox to balance students and clients, their family and themselves, when their goals are blocked by the lack of development of one of these circles


Next Dates:

  • 25-28 aprile 2024 - Rapallo in presenza accr.