Hours: 8 hours

This one-day workshop provides methods and techniques for parents, teachers and therapists. Participants will walk away with the ability to immediately use the Building Block Activities at home, in classrooms, and during one-to-one therapy sessions. 

  • The concept of movement-based learning is a way for us to begin to understand and apply the methods and techniques taught in this workshop.
  • The methods and techniques practiced in this workshop are known as “The Building Block Activities.”
  • The Building Block Activities, developed by Cecilia Koester, MEd, create a foundation for us to return to our natural, normal curious state of learning.
  • These Building Block Activities are designed to enhance brain development and improve everyday life skills, behavior and functioning.

Next Dates:

  • 20 aprile 2024 ore 15-19 21 aprile 2024 ore 9-13 - Rapallo mod. ibrida