Hours: 12 hours

In an increasingly virtual society, body and space are experienced mainly on the two-dimensional plane, losing the perception of depth. Lack of concrete experiences in three-dimensional space prevents the acquisition of physical skills related to any kind of learning. We are witnessing an increase in difficulties linked to self-esteem, communication, proprioception and perception.

In this regard we have 2 magnificent tools available to create a positive climate in our groups of all ages:

Brain Gym®  activities and cooperative games (games without losers). Brain Gym movements are part of a larger program called Educational Kinesiology and aim to harmonize mind and body to facilitate learning in all ages and areas of life.

Cooperative games are based on the principle that no one wins and no one loses. Therefore, the process that is developed in the game is more important than the result.

In this workshop we will propose some Brain Gym movements and cooperation games to create a harmonious climate in groups of all ages

Objectives ':

discover or rediscover our three-dimensionality in body and in space.


  • Experience the focus dimension to be vigilant, focused, involved and interested, feeling safe
  • Experience the dimension of centering, that is our ability to organize ourselves in space and in different directions
  • To experience the dimension of laterality, that is our ability to express ourselves at verbal and non-verbal level and to communicate with others.

The course is aimed at teachers, educators, parents and groupleaders who want to bring more joy and lightness into the life of their groups.

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