Getting older and especially in the so-called "Golden age" menta and lphysical wellbeing are decreasing, the sensory perception, the physical mobility and the memory are reduced. And we impute this to the degeneration of gray matter in our brain. The head does not work anymore, and the body suffers. However there is a way to remain flexible, agile and fresh-minded in old age while maintaining one's physical and mental abilities.
Brain Gym® is an effective programme that consists of a series of simple movements that help to improve the coordination of the eyes, ears, body and the various parts of the brain which is considered our "command center"  for all the mental and physical functions. Brain Gym® Activities are easy to apply and do not require "sports" performance. They also adapt well to people with reduced  mental and ophysical and in-patient abilities and increase personal well-being.

In this course you learn how to improve with the movements of Brain Gym®:

  • a better brain integration
  • hearing with both ears
  • see with both eyes
  • eye-hand coordination
  • concentration and memory
  • the balance of energy flow in the body

This course is indicated for caregivers who work with elderly people (autonomous and none) and everybody who wants to maintain their physical skills in advanced age

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