Hours: 8 hours

Are you looking for a new and stimulating way to improve creativity, self expression and trust in your students or in yourself? Would you like to help your students more effectively improve their learning skills, such as reading, writing and concentration? These tools are valid for all ages, from children to the elderly, and are beneficial for learning and concentration skills.
The techniques are based on the natural development of body and mind and improvements can be found in the following areas:

  • Improve visual skills and oculo-manual coordination for sustained attention in the median visual field
  • Cross the kinesthetic / visual median line, favoring the physical skills of learning
  • Internalize evolutionary movements for motor skills
  • Increase awareness of space, movement and tactility, deep perception
  • Work in a co-creative way with others

The heart of this course is the Brain Gym® movement called "Double Doodle" which involves both hands. You can also experiment with other activities of the Brain Gym and Vision Gym program (activities to improve visual perception). These simple activities can take place in the studio, at school and at home.

Prerequisites: none

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