Hours: 8 hours

It takes nine months of pregnancy, followed by another nine months (period of "uterus with window") during which the child will learn to crawl. And it will still take between 18 and 24 months to provide all the necessary survival skills for the human puppy.
The foundations of this growth process are the primary reflexes on which physical, emotional and cognitive development depends.
The reflexes provide us with the first movement experiences, they manage the birth and ensure our survival in the first months after birth.
The reflexes reinforce our potential and are the foundation of our determination to be productive, to be special and to enjoy the moment.

Participants will receive basic information on primary reflexes and can experience their functioning at firs hand.
The course provides tools and appropriate knowledge to take care of your posture and movement patterns which help you to support the growth of your children accompanying them in their movement development.

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