Hours: 40

The purpose of this course is to provide a high level of trust and competence to those who wish to present Brain Gym® to a wider audience through short presentations, seminars or the Brain Gym 101 course. The course is structured so that participants can experiment in practical sessions such as presenting the individual units of the Brain Gym® 101 course alone or in small groups.

The activity will focus on learning the correct presentation of the 26 activities of Brain Gym® in a safe, engaging and conscious way.

We will also discuss the effects and observations found in the use of Brain Gym® in relation to the issues of learning and life in general, with a view to appropriate, contextualised and professional presentation. There will be exercises to find the most appropriate language to present the program to adults and children. Peer evaluation will be used: participants will be encouraged to take an active and constructive role in feedback when group members present the various aspects of the techniques, concepts and activities involved in the Brain Gym®101 program.


Brain Gym® 101 (repeated twice);

Optimal Brain Organization;
and other elective courses such as Visioncircles; Touch for Health 1 and 2;

Edu-K in-depth: the 7 dimensions of intelligence;

5 Case studies for each course

For details, see the training path


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