Individual Sessions

How and when does Reiki work and what happens during a session?

Reiki flows in every treatment. From my experience with previous clients, I know that you will probably experience different things from time to time during treatment.

There are two methods of treatment: direct imposition of hands on specific parts of the body or holding hands about 5 cm away from the body. Many customers do not notice the difference between the two ways. During treatment, the following may occur:

  • You feel warmth in the places where I put my hands
  • You always feel more relaxed
  • You feel a pressure that gradually fades away
  • You eel a tingling sensation
  • You feel safe
  • You feel light
  • You fall asleep and consciously awaken in the room
  • Feelings may arise that want to get out of you. These will disappear after treatment.
  • Images can emerge in your head. Look at them, do not judge them.

How many Reiki sessions are needed?

It all depends on how you feel now. Some customers regularly take sessions to have a good level of energy. Recharge their energy engine, so to ssay. I suggest a treatment about every 3-4 months. Others only come for a session and they feel so good after they do not come back until they feel the need to. For diseases or negative phases, it makes more sense to receive Reiki at shorter intervals. How many times should be discussed individually. We also look at the financial side together. Reiki is not taken care of by the national health service.