The method

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art. It was developed by the Japanese monk Mikao Usui at the beginning of 1900 after long years of study. But its roots are already known thousands of years earlier in Indian, Chinese and Tibetan spiritual culture.

The Japanese word Reiki means "universal life energy". The universe is full of this unlimited and infinite energy, without which no living creature can exist. Reiki is a natural healing power that flows through the hands of Reiki practitioners. The Reiki healing energy is automatically transmitted in concentrated form by imposing gently both hands on the recirecipient. 

What is Reiki for?

Reiki helps to:

  • activate the self-healing powers
  • balance the flow of energy
  • cleanse the body from poisons
  • strengthen the body, mind and soul
  • create harmony and mental well-being


it flows in unlimited quantity and quality
it releases blocks and promotes total relaxation
it acts in advance
Reiki is very useful for all people, especially for those who practice medical professions.

Reiki is also effective on animals, plants and food.

Reiki is a way to reconnect to touch, away from isolation and loneliness.

Reiki works on all levels: on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The strength of the energy flow is determined by the needs of the Reiki receiver. The vital healing force is absorbed by the body and towards the origin of the disease. Blocks in the physical or mental area can be lreleased and general well-being will increase.

Who needs Reiki?

Reiki is good for everyone. Even without major problems or complaints, a treatment can be useful. Normally, everyone is surrounded by stress, tasks, small concerns. Unfortunately, we rarely allow ourselves a break from these circumstances. Of course you can also use Reiki for diseases. Reiki can therefore be used in addition to normal medical care, for example:

  • patients with pain
  • people with anxiety
  • burnout or depression
  • disillusions in love
  • losses in general
  • moments of stress
  • if you do not feel more centered
  • after pregnancy or during pregnancy
  • after traumatic experiences
  • after traffic accidents
  • as a support for fasting

Is it possible to use Reiki on animals and plants?

Yes, Reiki can also be used on animals. It may be that the animal does not allow it. In this case you have to see if you can calm the animal. If the animal feels the heat of the hands it usually calms down and remains lying down.